This is an endometriosis learning library. It contains information collected and shared over many years. We have now compiled these resources and present them for you as a living library of information that will continue to grow. It is up to you what you do with that information.

Nancy Petersen, RN (thus the “Nancy”) began Nancy’s Nook many years ago as an online chat group (thus the “Nook”) for individuals with endometriosis . As the group grew, Nancy moved the group to Facebook and recruited the voluntary assistance of other patient advocates to help with  administration, moderation, and educational content development and curation. As members asked questions, Nancy, the administrators, and clinical experts (from within the administrators and international clinical experts) compiled individual experiences, research articles, and expert opinions. Nook also shared information from other endometriosis advocacy groups to amply and unify the patient advocacy efforts central to Nook’s mission. This effort has amassed a significant body of knowledge. As the number of files grew, Nancy’s Nook sought ways to organize the content to make it easier for group members to find the information they needed. 

Each of us who volunteer at Nancy’s Nook followed our own long, difficult endometriosis journey and wanted to do something to help others. Everyone’s path will be different, but we hope the information provided will help you avoid some of the challenges we faced in obtaining effective care. Our goal is for you to feel informed, empowered, and more equipped to participate in a shared-decision with your provider in choosing treatment. Research and data on endometriosis are growing and no one has all the right answers. The fact that you are here, whether you think you might have endometriosis or have struggled with it for years, means you are already taking that important next step along your path.