I am Meg Allan Cole, the filmmaker of Blood & Guts: Exposing Endo. The film sheds light on the dangerous dismissal of patients’ pain that leads to a decade-long diagnosis delay for the progressive whole-body disease of endometriosis.

My professional background is in content creation, video production, and hosting DIY home design series with cool people and places. For years, I was used to picking up my camera to capture a home DIY project, or a cute moment of my dogs romping around NYC to add to a video, when my body began to literally break down. I was on a very painful special tour of hell with no guide and no answers but A LOT of brain fog and memory loss, all while trying to keep up with a creative dream job. In an attempt to remember it all, I turned that camera on myself and let you glimpse into my world as it was crumbling.

So much was lost due to my pain not being believed, and I’m determined to use my story to lessen that loss for others. Along with an incredible cast of human beings, this film bares all to expose the dark and dangerous world that patients living with Endo have to endure, and a broken medical system that gaslights and traumatizes people already in crisis.