Answering Women’s Most-Googled Cannabis Questions

In 2019, college friends April Pride and Ellen Scanlon founded The High Guide, every woman’s cannabis handbook, and launched its audio-first education platform led by the popular How to Do the Pot podcast. How to Do the Pot is hosted by April Pride, who successfully launched and sold her women-centric cannabis brand Van der Pop. The podcast addresses topics unique to women’s well-being and answers some of the most common, “secretly Googled” questions that women have about cannabis. Episodes follow the stories of modern women who consume cannabis, and share expert medical opinions to explain why and how cannabis can positively impact topics including stress, sleep, migraines, CBD, period pain, endometriosis and pregnancy.

Our podcast How to Do the Pot is every woman’s cannabis handbook. Produced with an award-winning team (Dirty John, EMBD, Planet Money, Call Your Girlfriend), the show answers women’s most secretly Googled questions about weed.