I’m releasing a documentary short film on Endometriosis and the dangerous dismissal of pain that pervades the medical world.

Medical misogyny, racism and gaslighting are just some of the barriers blocking us from safe treatments, allowing time for this progressive illness to irrevocably infiltrate our bodies, organs, fertility, ability to work, and financial stability. For an illness as common as diabetes, the lack of research, funding, and safe affordable care is downright barbaric.

I am so ready to speak my truth on behalf of the 1 in 10 women who suffer from this, in solidarity with the trans community who are denied treatment when healthcare is gendered, and to amplify the experience of black women who face even longer wait times for diagnosis, and even more delays in being believed.

We are done and we won’t stop until it gets better. I’ll see you soon.

Meg Allan Cole is a prominent name in the DIY and crafting world until recently turning the camera on herself to make a documentary about her harrowing journey with Endometriosis and expose the medical misogyny and racism that prevents so many from getting safe care.